Rêver Laboratoire draws inspiration from the beauty of women with all their peculiarities, a beauty to be cherished through the creation of high-quality cosmetics, and to offer opportunities to take time for themselves and be free to dream.


Since its inception, Rêver Laboratoire has been synonymous with creativity and dynamism. On one hand, this is due to the uniqueness of its product lines, and on the other, it’s because of the constant pursuit of professional cosmetics focused on results, which we call “creations.” Our approach is always attentive to the needs of beauty professionals as well as sustainability and environmental protection. All our creations are made in Italy, in our specialized laboratories, drawing inspiration from the fusion of three core principles that represent us.

Within our laboratory, we create and develop cosmetics of the highest quality through the research of the finest raw materials and strict control of all stages of the production process. We conduct rigorous qualitative analyses of both the active ingredients and the final packaging chosen for their use.

We guarantee safe and tangible results, both visually and sensorially, by using innovative formulations that meet the expectations of all beauty professionals. Our goal is not only to “address aesthetic imperfections” but also to provide a moment of pure well-being to all women.

What sets us apart is the cosmetic dynamism of our product lines, where beauty professionals can choose the perfect cosmetics for each individual need, blend them together, and create the most suitable solution for their clients. In doing so, we create not just treatments but actual beauty journeys that we call “Trajet.” These journeys offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to beauty.

The “Trajet,” derived from the French word “percorsi” meaning “paths,” are sensory experiences inspired by women who want to devote time to self-care through a knowledgeable, gentle, and natural cosmetic approach. These journeys are designed to provide a holistic and nurturing experience for the well-being of individuals.


For us, quality is both a mantra and a guarantee to achieve effective results.

To uphold our philosophy, we have established strict rules that we follow meticulously in the creation of new products and at every stage of the production process.

Thorough research conducted by our internal department, combined with the selection of the finest raw materials and comprehensive control over the entire supply chain, culminates in the development of detailed work protocols. This ensures the attainment of results that are not only visibly evident but also emotionally fulfilling, thanks to the inclusion of extracts and essences of natural origin.

Rêver Laboratoire is available through our official distributors and at the finest beauty institutes.


Cosmeceuticals represent the fusion of sensory appeal and safety found in cosmetics with the potent activity of pharmacological active ingredients adapted for cosmetic use to avoid the typical contraindications associated with pharmaceuticals.


Our concept of quality is to harness all the beneficial properties of nature to achieve safe and effective results. For this reason, all creations by Rêver Laboratoire contain a high percentage of natural extracts sourced solely from controlled organic cultivation.

High tolerability

Within our creations, there are no allergens or dangerous ingredients, nor do we use silicones, which can often make products feel evanescent and pleasant to the touch. To ensure high sensory appeal, we employ the “cold emulsion” technique, a specific production method that preserves all the properties of the ingredients used and creates lightweight textures with high dermo-compatibility.

LES Free

We have chosen not to include substances derived from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in our creations, as it is a petrochemical-based ingredient known to cause skin irritations.

Control over the entire production process

Every product batch undergoes stringent quality controls, starting from the raw materials used, through the packaging process, all the way to the final delivery.

Certified Quality

All our creations adhere to minimal percentages of emulsifiers to ensure the utmost stability of the cosmetic product and the absence of side effects. Furthermore, we conduct specific tests on product preservation, known as Patch Tests, to ensure compliance with the PAO (Period After Opening) indicated on the label.

Patch Test

For greater quality assurance, we conduct specific tests on skin tolerance to prevent the occurrence of allergic or inflammatory reactions. While these tests are not mandatory, here at Rêver Laboratoire, we aim to prioritize our customers by providing solutions in complete safety.

Functional Packaging

To maintain high-quality standards, we choose luxury packaging that ensures practical use of the cosmetic products and enhances the preservation of the active ingredients they contain.

Customised Paths

Similar to Michelin-starred chefs, through Trajet and the combination of different creations, it is possible to personalize treatments based on the skin type and specific aesthetic concerns to be addressed.


The Trajet, derived from the French word “percorso,” are the essence of the philosophy that distinguishes the Rêver Laboratoire brand. To every professional who chooses to embrace our philosophy, we provide detailed protocols that will guide them step by step in performing treatments. All these paths are collected in our “Libre des Trajets,” our ultimate guide.

The treatments can be customized based on the skin type and the specific aesthetic concerns to be addressed. Thus, the professional becomes the protagonist of the aesthetic protocols, having the opportunity to choose the most suitable reference for each need, navigate through different product lines, and blend them together to create the most appropriate path. With the assistance of our beauty consultants, professionals will be guided step by step in both the theoretical and practical application of the products, ensuring consistent and guaranteed results in every treatment.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all protocol, but an infinite number of specific trajet for each customer who chooses to embrace our philosophy.