Rêver Laboratoire draws inspiration from the beauty of women in all their uniqueness, a beauty to be cherished through the creation of quality cosmetics and to provide opportunities to devote time to themselves and be free to dream.


Since its inception, Rêver Laboratoire has been characterized by intense creativity and dynamism, linked on one hand to the robustness of its existing lines, and on the other hand, to the boldness of new creations.

All creations are made in Italy by our specialized and certified laboratories, using only top-quality ingredients.

Rêver Laboratoire is available through our official distributors and the finest beauty institutes.

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The world of Rêver Laboratoire is characterized by a bold and innovative spirit, with a keen focus on quality, sustainability, and environmental protection.

The creations of RÊVER LABORATOIRE derive their genesis from the fusion of:

  • QUALITY through the use of the finest active ingredients.
  • RESULTS through the pursuit of innovative formulations, both cutting-edge and sensory, and repeated tests to ensure safe outcomes that align with our customers’ expectations.
  • PHILOSOPHY through “Trajets,” which are treatments that, through a wise, gentle, and natural approach, aim to educate the customer about self-care!


For us, quality is both a mantra and a guarantee of a perfect result. To uphold our philosophy, we have established rules that we follow in the creation of a new product and throughout every phase of the production process.

1. Cosmeceuticals with the ability to integrate seamlessly with other Rêver products.
2. Phyto-cosmetics.
3. Good tolerance.
4. Free from harsh ingredients (LES).
5. Control at every phase of the production process.
6. Stability testing.
7. Patch testing.
8. Functional packaging.
9. Certification.
10. Research of efficient treatments (Trajets).